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1 HI,I like the way you structured the class 1.Training, 2.Interview Preparation, 4.Certification Preparation, 5.Business Scenarios, 6.Error Handling... I am following the same steps.. Amazing experience. I have many years of accounting experience, now planing to FICO consulting for a bright future Keep up the good work.
Ethan USA

2 Hello. I am an experience ABAP Consultant, your training is providing an excellent understanding of logic, terminology and Business side of FICO. Thanks for sharing knowledge.
Allan USA
3 My initial reason for joining the training was to gain a logical knowledge about the structure and the configurations of SAP FI. Through out this system you have done a great job of explaining in depths facts of each area. I am very satisfied with the class. I think it would help though if you were to incorporate different business scenarios when discussing topics as this would present a clearer picture.
Reshma USA
4 I like the course , it was very informative and helped us to think for the interview. Sir, I would also like to know how the job process works after the training. Do I have to email my resume to you and you will find the jobs for me to go to interviews? Or is there another way?
Reena USA
5 The training was very good as it involved question and answer session
6 The training is really good and helps me to understand how the interview questions will be asked. Thanks for all your time and effort in bringing this sessions.
Amar USA
7 SAPORG, I have to appreciate you for your commendable efforts putting up the system. The experience has been worthwhile and phenomenal.
Kalu Nigeria
8 I used the course it is smart and simple . Do you have corporate training available?
Fahad Saudi Arabia
9 My experience with SAPORGis very nice, pleasant and very very informative, effective way to learn sap fico and i really like the arrangement of chapters with details of config steps in the first page of each chapter .... adds more value to easy learning and interesting too... wish u and ur team good luck for the future ....Thank you.
Logesh India
10 Your training is absolutely helpful. The steps and explanations are really easy to understand. I have studied from a book before, but your materials is way better than study from the book and it makes me more confident to start contributing to my new company as a senior financial analyst.
Narisha USA
11 Your classes are excellent. I am basically taking your class for review.
Reginald USA
12 you have a really nice training tool. I am currently taking an online class from a consultant ... , who has 15 years experience. He is one of the best teachers. But the genius in your course is the way it is structured. I am based in the us and my teacher is going to help me with interviewing ( i like you have the questions after each chapter) i need to get my first break (no prior exp in sap) so always looking for placement help. Hopefully experience and knowledge serve me well. Thank you for being affordable. I can’t afford these other training classes and i agree 40hrs of sap fico in 5 days does not let the material sink in for practical application in employment. I am very happy with the course ,thank you for your efforts.
Sehul USA
13 My honest suggestion is that your presentation,q uestion answers and materials are very professional. I feel like I am in working environment, also the price is affordable.
Khalid USA

14 Hello. I am new to FICO and this class is providing a basic understanding of terminology and Finance SAP. I am following the System to grasp the full concept. Thanks for sharing knowledge.
Alisa USA
15 I think the class format is up to mark. I like the gradual learning process and concept development with interview training as compared to all the concepts mashed up in a few classes with assignments and only minimal revision throughout as the class progresses. I am very happy with the structure. Thank you
Thasneem USA.
16 I was new to FICO and from day1, I understood how to learn FICO. The sessions are helpful to understand what is expected from a FICO consultant. Thank you.
Brahmanandam USA

17 I like the way you structured the class and your interview preparation to handle the interview process a nd what sort of question might be asked and how and what to answer question. The training is going excellent and I am slowly but surely gaining confidence and surely I will achieve my goal (Of course, because of you) and hoping to make carrier in this excellent world of SAP FICO. Keep up the good work. Thanks for your encouragement and sharing your knowledge and experience with us.
Naresh USA

18 Hello. I am new to FICO and this traing is providing very good understanding of terminology and Finance SAP. I am following the System to grasp the full concept. Thanks for sharing knowledge.
Alisa USA